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This is the place where you can relax, slow down, and learn how mother nature can be your best guide when it comes to showing you what’s perfect about your life, what needs shifting, and helping you make smoother transitions during change.

640 by a boulderI know I got tired of being in a hurry all the time, trying to get more done than was humanly possible, exhausted, frazzled, and totally disconnected from my inner voice that had all the answers I needed for my life. Especially during times of change when I jumped to a new career, got divorced, and moved clear across the country into unknown territory.

So I learned a new way to live. A way that felt more like me. More natural.

I’d love to share it with you. Because I believe every woman deserves to hear her own inner guidance, flow with change, live life at her own perfect pace filled with meaning, and have a little more peace.

It starts with slowing down and getting outside.

If you really want to slow down, spend more time out in nature, learn how to reconnect with yourself on a different level, and shift your life in a new direction (especially during times of change), then this is your invitation to join me. Because that’s what I teach others and how I live my own life.

Go spend 15 minutes sitting outside in a natural setting. Take in everything one sense at a time, then just notice what you notice. What you notice out in nature will always be a reflection of what’s happening inside of you. If you notice something stressful in nature, where in your life is something stressful? If you notice something peaceful in nature, where in your life do you feel peace? Nature is simple like that. She’ll always show you what’s happening.

Go try it out!

What’s next?

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